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At NAD Foundation, there are many programs one can support, donate or volunteer for the good cause to bring development to the Pokuase – Djanman Traditional Area and Ghana as a whole.

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As part of NAD’s commitment to ensuring cleanliness in the Pokuase – Djanman Traditional Area, we organize general clean up exercises regularly for the people of Djanman-Pokuase to promote good health and improve on the sanitation of the community. Free health care services are occasionally carried out in Djanman-Pokuase to ensure the people are fit and strong for all purposes.

Sewing And Dress Making

Residents who are interested in Sewing and dress making are taken through the skills, and when they complete the course, NAD Foundation makes arrangement to secure free sewing machines for them to be able to start on their own.

Child Care & Support

At NAD Foundation, we organize events annually for children in the Djanman-Pokuase community to fraternize, counsel and teach good morals and courtesy for boys and girls.
We educate nursing mothers about:
● good hygiene
● how to feed their children
● type of food to give to their children during the weaning period.
And finally support them with baby foods.

Cookery & Food Preservation

NAD Foundation also offers general training in catering services to the people living in Djanman-Pokuase who are interested in it. Our areas of training are:
▪ Food preservation
▪ How to serve at home and in public
▪ How to receive visitors
▪ How to set table for visitors

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